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South Yorkshire

If you are looking at this site, then, chances are that you have at least a small interest in South Yorkshire. Why because that's where I was born and brought up and it's also where most of my ancestors lived. By the way, if the address you have for your ancestor is West Riding of Yorkshire, don't worry because South Yorkshire used to part of that particular 'Riding'.

Would you like to know more about the area your ancestor lived? I'm sure you would, especially those of you that no longer live in this area.

South Yorkshire contains five quite large town and cities, which are: Doncaster; Sheffield; Rotherham; Barnsley and Wakefield. Plus several hundred - if not thousand - smaller towns; villages and hamlets.

South Yorkshire in the Middle Ages was mainly farm land. But as time progressed it became one of the most industrialised areas in the world.

Many of you will have heard of 'Sheffield Steel'. Or the 'Coal Fields' which covered most of the area from the mid 18th century up to the end of the 20th century. You may also have heard of the 'Plant Works' at Doncaster where some of the famous locos such as the 'Mallard'; 'Green Arrow' and of course the 'Flying Scotsman' (All designed by Sir Nigel Gresley) were built.

Unfortunately much of this 'Heavy' industry has disappeared leaving only remnants in its wake. But the area is actually thriving better than ever with a massive influx of lighter industry.

Of course some will mourn the demise of our 'traditional industry' and some, for example, will thank God that their loved ones will no longer suffer the agony of the effects of coal dust in their lungs!

To learn much more than I could possibly tell you, about South Yorkshire, why not go 'Discovering South Yorkshire' with Brian Elliott! Brian Elliott Books

Brian is the author of several books and articles on the area. Born near Barnsley and currently living in Warmsworth near Doncaster, Brian is the ideal guide to lead you to and describe over a hundred of South Yorkshire's hidden places, oddities and strange events.

Carol and I met Brian at an event held in Sheffield to remember the 'Great Sheffield Flood' (More on that later). We had gone to find more information about one of my Great grandfathers, who died in the flood (Christopher Colton). Whilst there we came across Brian busily signing copies of his 'Discovering South Yorkshire'. We bought the book and when we got home we read the book from cover to cover. We learned so much about South Yorkshire that we didn't know - and we've both lived here all our lives! (Apart from 6 years I spent in New Zealand and 4 years Carol lived in Liverpool)

If you would like a copy of Brian's book click this link:

Or for a range of Brian's books, go here: Brian Elliott Books


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