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Hi to all our visitors. First I'll explain why we have two sites, (we have several actually but more of that later). My wife Carol runs Ancestral Ackroyds which can be found at http://ackroydfamilyresearch.co.uk and a very good job she makes of it too! But I (Jim Ackroyd) would like to add my own input and as we each have our own PC's it makes sense to have a site each. that way we don't get in each others way. So was born Ackroyd Ancestry: http://ackroydancestry.co.uk

So whilst this site has much of the original site, it will also have some differences.

Please let me know if you like it and remember we are not competing but simply trying to increase our combined input/output!

Researching your family history is a great way to make new friends and meet relatives, some of whom you may never have met before.

Over the years, since having our web-sites, Carol and I (Jim) have increased our data-base ten-fold. So anyone contemplating building a family history web-site would be well advised to go ahead. (Info on building your own site)

We have made contacts from all over the world, many of them conversing with us on a regular basis.

The Internet, used properly is a wonderful tool. You can 'chat' with someone in real time at the other side of the world, using one of the many messenger services that are available.

Although this site is called 'Ackroyd Ancestry', we are researching hundreds of different names. Every time an Ackroyd marries, another name is introduced into our 'family'. Of course including Carols family (Nolan), in our research 'inevitably' doubles our tree in size.

Therefore 'researching your family tree' is never ending, nor should it be.

If you haven't started your own research yet, be prepared for a lot of hard work. At the same time you will derive mountains of pleasure from your task. Lots of advice and resources here: http://familyhistory4all.co.uk and a free * * Newsletter * * too!

We hope everyone, experienced or not, will get some benefit from our site. If you look around you will find lots of advice; information and articles. If there is something you would like to see, just email us and if it's possible, we'll put it on the site.

You will also find a page full of interesting links. e.g. Any Ackroyd will enjoy the link to the 'Frank Slide' article, 'The Day The Mountain Fell'. There were Ackroyds involved in this tragedy. Well worth a read.

Look through our 'Guestbook', you may spot someone you know or someone that lives close by. And don't forget to sign it yourself.

Take a look at our 'Articles', some serious and some funny but all worth reading.

Don't forget to , as we add information regularly.

And most of all, enjoy your visit.

P.S. Please bear in mind that 'most' but not all of this site is written using British English.



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