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Hello and welcome to all our relatives, no matter how distant.

How about helping to make this site more interesting?

We've all got a a tale to tell. Maybe a family story, or just say hello and tell us a little about yourself.

Yes I mean you!

Just send us an email or write a letter to: 12 Avondale Road, Town Moor, Doncaster. DN2 6DE, UK

And I'll publish your two-pennorth right here!

I'll start you off:

My Great grandfather WILLIAM ACKROYD (1862 1912) and my Great grandmother Mary Walker, 1870 - 1955, had seven children. They (or at least six of them. Correct me if I'm wrong) married and had children of their own and so on...

Therefore there must be a lot of Ackroyds and others having Ackroyd blood, that will be interested in knowing how many were buried in the family grave along with William. Carol and I have some information but unfortunately Williams headstone has been laid flat because it became unstable and therefore dangerous. The problem is it was laid -inscription side down- and is so heavy we cannot move it to read the inscription!

We think that it is a shame to see Williams grave in such a state. He deserves better as he died in the second explosion of the Cadeby Colliery Disaster, July 9, 1912, whilst trying to rescue those trapped in the first explosion!

If any one has any information about the inscription or about those interred in the grave, we'd love to hear from you. Even better if any one has the gear to help turn the stone over or even dare I ask? to re-erect the stone and perhaps help us to tidy up the grave that would be fantastic.

If you have any information, please contact us here.




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