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If you have your own site and are researching 'Ackroyds' then you can have a listing right here!

I have many requests to exchange links. I will exchange links with all family history/genealogy sites as these will add interest to my visitors. If you would like to exchange links with this popular site then please use the following code:

 <p><a target="_blank" href="http://ackroydancestry.co.uk/">Bringing Ackroyds together.</a><br>Ackroyd name research site designed to further our research, especially trying to establish a connection with Ackroyds in South Yorkshire to those in West Yorkshire.</p>

Or simply write your own intro' and link to: http://ackroydancestry.co.uk

Once your link to my site is in place, email me with your details and I will reciprocate (subject to your site being approved). Please type 'Ackroyd Link request' in the subject box of your email client.

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