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Welcome to the Ackroyd Ancestry site.
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Last updated - Friday, 08 September 2017  


James Ackroyd 1950 - My Life Story (So far - I hope to be around for a while yet!) A brief bio. After repeated requests, I have resurrected this article about me! Latest updates added October 2015.

Affiliated to: Ancestral Ackroyds and all updated records etc. can be found there.

Apparently, in Great Britain : Around 4575 people share the surname Ackroyd.
The surname Ackroyd is the 2485th most common name in Great Britain.
Not a lot of people know that!


Taken at the wedding of James Ackroyd and Carol Ann Nolan. October 2nd 1985. Click here for a larger image.

Taken after our wedding on October 2nd 1985

Click on photo for a larger image. 

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We hope all Ackroyds and those with other surnames within this site, will be able to benefit from the information contained within these pages. Should anyone have any information they would like to see on this site, then please email us.

For updated records for the names found on this site, please visit our sister site: Ancestral Ackroyds. If you are new to family history and would like to learn how to research your own family's history, then visit 'Family History For All'. Highly recommended. And while you're here please sign the Guestbook and say Hi.

The information contained herein, appertains to the family tree of James (Jim) & Carol (nee Nolan) Ackroyd.
Immediately we have another surname, that of my wife Carol. Her maiden name is Nolan.
Then of course my mother's maiden name, Maloney. My grandmother's maiden name was Cunningham and so on, ad-infinitum. So you can see that there are numerous surnames when researching your family history.

It is my sincere belief that all Ackroyds are related (Barring the odd infidelity of course!) So if you are called Ackroyd or one of the variant spellings or have 'Ackroyd' blood in your veins, then chances are we are cousins. Hi cousin!! Don't forget to have a look at our 'Other Ackroyd Sites' page. If you have your own site, let us know and we'll link you up!

If you are looking at this site, then, chances are that you have at least a small interest in South Yorkshire. Why because that's where I was born and brought up and it's also where most of my ancestors lived. So, if you are in some way related to me and/or one of my ancestors or you would simply like to learn more about South Yorkshire, read on...

The areas and a selection of names we are currently researching include:-
Ackroyd - Yorkshire (UK); Canada; USA and Australia.
Nolan and Moore - Liverpool and Dublin.
Grayson - Nottingham and Austerfield (UK).
Suthers; Stocks; Mitchell and Walker - Yorkshire.
Cunningham; Jackson; Colton and Holling - Yorkshire.
Maloney - Yorkshire & Ireland.
Charlesworth; Childs; Cocking; Ellis - Nottingham and Derbyshire.
Henwood - Cornwall / Devon border (UK)
Winterburn; Croft; Hornby and Slinger - Harrogate and surrounding areas (UK).
Pearson; Webster; Neal; Raper and Robinson - Harrogate and surrounding areas.

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A partial list of family names we are researching appears on the names page. Many more names appear on Ancestral Ackroyds.

For much of our research we use www.Ancestry.co.uk - To try it yourself just click any banner below.

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